Wireline Services

Alberta Wireline Services including Whitecourt, Grand Prairie, LAC LA BICHE, Red Deer, Brooks, Lloydminster, High Level and Slave Lake

AMG Energy Corp

As a key element of oil and gas exploration and operation, AMG Energy Corp. stands ready to provide essential wireline services. Because oilfields rely on the detailed information gathered by our wireline systems, we use the latest tools and equipment to provide the necessary information that can guide exploration to future profitability and operational efficiency to those wells that are already producing. With today’s highly specialized wireline equipment, we can also measure acoustics, electromagnetism, radioactivity, and more, to help your exploration for oil and gas expand your operations.

  • Conventional Logging and Perforating Units
  • 5/16″ Standard Service Wireline
  • High Pressure Services
  • 3K (21 Mpa) Standard Service Pressure Control
  • 3K (21 Mpa) Grease Injection Units ​​

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HSR-35 | 3-1/2” High Speed Radial Cement Bond Logging Tool

The High Speed Radial (HSR) presents the next generation of cement bond tools. It evaluates the cement bond quality and integrity to both casing and formation by providing a 360° cement map with a dedicated 12-segment Radial receiver located (2-ft) from the transmitter It also provides standard cement bond amplitude (CBL) through Near receiver (3-ft), and Variable Density Log (VDL) through Far receiver (5-ft). All sonic data is captured and stored digitally. A built-in advanced telemetry system ensures high speed logging without compromise in Sonic quality. A Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Locator and Temperature sensors are included in the tool.

Perforating Gun Applications

Using increased shot density, AMG’s SQ-Gun allows for maximum surface area access during cementing operations. This 360° coverage enables the complete distribution of cement over the desired area during plug and abandonment operations.