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Maintaining effective, efficient, and profitable oil and gas operational infrastructure requires frequent in-depth analysis through production testing. With over 30 years in the industry, you can entrust your wells to our experienced team. Whether you need production testing done at the drilling stage, pre-production, during production, or abandonment stage AMG Energy has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to complete any operation in your well. This is a vital component of exploration and operational viability, so production testing must be handled by the right team so that you know your wells are functioning as expected.

AMG Energy Corp. offers oil and gas well production testing with bases out of Lacombe and High Level Alberta.

Our 18-24 m3 200 PSI (1480 kPa) ABSA certified skid mounted tanks are specifically set up for sour service abandonment or work over projects like:

  • Service rig assist
  • Flaring H2S
  • Volume circulating
  • Coil tubing clean up
  • Hot oiler returns
  • Pipeline flaring
  • Pressure monitoring

All test packages come equipped with certified 2-inch 5000psi flowline and manifold, 4- inch flare line, 2- inch shipping line, 3-inch transfer line, 60 foot 6-inch portable flare stacks, ignition system, deadweight pressure gauges, and gas metering.

We suite to our customers’ needs with trained and competent crew, emergency shut down devices, 10k flow line, extra pipe, or any other testing materials required.

400-BBL sour service tanks are also available for rent separately or as part of our test package.

Combined with our Cement Pumping and E-line divisions we can supply people, equipment, and value to clients large and small.

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