Cementing Services

Alberta Oilfield Cementing Services including Whitecourt, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, Brooks, Lloydminster

AMG Energy Corp

AMG Energy Corp. is the leader in intermediate and remedial cementing solutions for the oil and gas industry in Alberta with extensive experience in a wide range of wellbore types. We provide essential and proven cement blends that have been fully field-tested, including micro-fine cement, as well as other highly specialized cement systems. The additives we incorporate ensure reliability to complete all cementing operations in the industry using customized cementing blends that are suitable for the project. When you rely on AMG Energy for cementing, you are counting on rig in and rig out safety and efficiency, precision in our mixing, accountability, and quality assurance in our blend control.

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AMG Energy Corp. offers Cement and Acid Pumping based out of Lacombe and High-level Alberta.

With trained and competent workers servicing oil and gas wells for abandonment, retainers, balanced plugs, loss circulation plugs, conductor barrels, circulating fluid and acid.

Trailer Units with the following specifications:

  • 700 hp engine
  • SPM 600 triplex pump
  • 4.5 pump min rate 0.08 m3/min max rate 1.5 m3/min
  • AMG Mixmaster computer density system
  • 42 MPA working pressure
  • Hose and line pipe on each unit
  • 75% road ban
  • Low rate pumps


Body Mount Units with the following specifiactions:

  • Kenworth C500
  • SPM 600 triplex pump
  • 4.5 Pump min rate 0.08 m3/min max rate 1.5 m3/min
  • AMG mixmaster computer density system
  • 42 MPA working pressure
  • Hose and pipe on each unit
  • Low rate pumps


Bulk Equipment

  • 4 Tri-Drive/ Tri-Axle bulk trucks capable of 34.5 mt


Testing capabilities include:

  • Thickening Times
  • Compressive Strength
  • Fluid Loss (Dynamic and Static)
  • Rheology
  • Settling Test
  • Gel Strength
  • Water Analysis
  • Fluid Compatibility Testing
  • Free Fluid Testing